Production Capacity

Advanced Equipment from Leading Manufacturers

Advanced Equipments

Our production facility is equipped with the latest machinery from renowned manufacturers such as DILO (German) and FEHRER (Italy). These machines are known for their precision and reliability.

The advanced technology ensures that every product meets our high standards of quality, providing our customers with reliable and durable products.

High Production Output

Our multiple high-capacity machines allow us to maintain a high production volume, ensuring that we can meet large orders without compromising on quality.

Our facility is designed to handle both regular and large-scale production runs, making it easy to scale up as needed.

Export Expertise

We regularly fulfill export orders, demonstrating our ability to meet international standards and deliver products worldwide.

With a high utilization rate of our machinery, we efficiently manage our production schedules to meet ongoing demand.

Flexibility for Urgent Orders

Our production processes are optimized to accommodate urgent orders, ensuring fast delivery times to meet our customers’ needs.

We can quickly adjust our production schedules to prioritize urgent orders, ensuring that even last-minute requests are handled promptly.

Contac Us to Customize Your Needle-Punched Nonwoven Products Using Advanced Equipment From Leading Manufacturers

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