Customization Service

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs in Needle-Punched Nonwoven Carpets and Derivatives

OEM Services

Custom Branding

We can produce needle-punched nonwoven carpets and derivatives under your brand name, ensuring that your company’s identity is prominently displayed.

Tailored Specifications

Whether it’s size, color, material, or design, we manufacture products exactly to your specifications.


Packaging Solutions

Customized packaging to align with your brand and ensure product safety during transportation.


ODM Services

Product Design

Our experienced design team can help bring your ideas to life, from initial concept to final product.


Free Sampales

We create samples of needle-punched nonwoven carpets and their derivatives to ensure the design meets your expectations before full-scale production.

Innovative Solutions

Leverage our expertise to develop innovative products that meet market demands.


Need A Custom Needle-Punched Nonwoven Carpets and Derivatives For Your Business?

Fill out the form and our specialist team will get back to you via email within a day. We can also communicate over phone if that’s easier for you.

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